High Quality Products

high efficiency solar panels

At ALL BAY SOLAR we use the highest quality products to ensure our customer satisfaction. What this means is high-efficiency solar panels, a powerful inverter system, and state-of-the-art mounting hardware.

We use SolarWorld solar panels, which provide American quality, technology and design. These high-efficiency crystalline silicon photovoltaic solar cells and high power solar modules are what essentially make the difference in your PG&E bill. We conduct a solar sun-eye evaluation for your home to calculate precisely how much sunlight our solar panels will absorb to provide you with the highest efficiency positioning for your solar panels.

For your inverter system, we employ the world’s most efficient micro inverter made by Enphase. The technology used has been improved to provide your home solar system with higher efficiency and more power than ever before. Additionally, the installation process has been improved to be simpler and faster.

For our mounting hardware, we employ the All-In-One Flashing and Mounting system by Quick-Mount-PV. Quick-Mount-PV is a California-based company with products made entirely in the USA. Utilizing a quick and easy installation process, Quick-Mount-PV is sure to save you time and money in the solar PV installation process, as well as providing you with a secure mount that can withstand harsh weather conditions.