All Bay Solar Customer Reviews

Blanca R. – All Bay Solar Customer

“All Bay Solar was very nice. They first explained how I would benefit from the new system, secondly they explained how they were going to do the installation, then when they finished, they made sure I didn’t have any more questions. Also, they were punctual and courteous.”

Jessie D. – All Bay Solar Customer

“They’re brilliant and nice people. I have recommended them to all my friends.”

“The way people talked to me, they explained everything in simple terms and then they just went to do the work. They were nice people.”

Joseph Y. – All Bay Solar Customer

“All Bay Solar was very friendly and installed everything very quickly. I would definitely recommend them to all Bay Area customers.”

“Every time I called their customer service, I got an answer right away. They answered all of my questions. I really liked that they gave me several time slots to choose from. I was able to do things around my schedule and didn’t run into any problems.”