Why Go Solar In California?

A Sensible Home Improvement Investment

why go solar in california

Why go solar in California? In a time when the State of California charges residential customers more for electricity usageĀ that reaches beyond a baseline level each month, our homes and our businesses can only benefit from the clean and virtually infinite resource of solar energy. Attempts by the government to conserve energy are here clashing with our energy needs and our pocket books. As energy costs rise, and homeowners face the brunt of this predicament, most businesses are opting to increase prices on consumers to make up for the costs for their own energy needs But the problem here isn’t energy conservation in itself, but rather the means through which we attain our energy. Installing solar panels in your home or business location provides a simple solution whereby homeowners & businesses can generate their own energy.

The solution is simple, economical, sensical, as well as important for the well-being of ourselves, our homes, our families, and our society at large. We at All Bay Solar Construction believe this point in history to be pivotal in changing the means by which we attain energy for our homes–because installing solar energy panels is no longer economically unfeasible. Not only are solar panels affordable, they pay for themselves through by own self-generated savings to your home. Five, ten, twenty years down the road, homeowners who have installed solar panels in their homes will recognize how important a decision it was when they brought solar energy to their family; to the sacred place of their home. All Bay Solar wants you to make this important decision because it’s easy and practical. Please contact us for this smart energy solution today!